by Dec 23, 2020

TitleAuthorShort DescriptionWhy is it of interest to us? LinkSDGGAIA
Programa General - DynamisLab Dynamizador2020DynamisLabOnline training for regenerative leadership - subsidizedFocuses on Capacity Building for Sustainable Economy and is now fully online
Schools of the FutureWorld Economic ForumDefining New Models of Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Education 4.0: A Global Framework for Shifting Learning Content and
Learning Experiences Towards the Needs of the Future.
It describes the shift in learning experiences (personalized and self-paced; accessible and inclusive; problem-based collaborative;lifelong- and student-driven) & sums up case studies of schools and their methodologies.
Global Citizenship EducationUnescoIt aims to instil in learners the values, attitudes and behaviours that support responsible global citizenship: creativity, innovation, and commitment to peace, human rights and sustainable development.Collaboration with Education for sustainable development. Connection to SDG 4.7 4.7
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